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Youth Art Collaborative Project


with Terri Tuckwell



suitable for young people in grades 5-8

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An amazing opportunity for creative young people to learn about the process of creating a large scale mural artwork. Participants will work together in collaboration to paint a mural inspired by Panboola's flora and fauna. 


This experience will be led by Terri Tuckwell. Terri is an experienced muralist and set-painter. She has also been a staff illustrator for Disney (Aladdin), and is an accomplished practicing artist (Teltale Art), and long-time art educator. Terri will guide the group through the stages of creating a large scale mural art, and grow their appreciation of colour and form. 


Participants will receive photographic documentation of their work shortly after the festival.


Memory of Panboola

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with Hilary Peterson



suitable for people 15+ yrs

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Create a small painting on canvas, approximately 40x30cm and a few postcards that reflect the plants and wildlife of Panboola. Participants will be using frottage, paint and stencilling as they are guided through the processes step-by-step to produce a beautiful memory of visiting Panboola and learn some new skills in a great setting.

Hilary is an experienced visual artist, completing her Master of Arts degree in 2002. She takes many approaches to interpret the natural world which is the focus of her art making, working in textiles, book making, printing, painting, drawing and dyeing. Hilary has taught for over 25 years, privately and through Tafe NSW. 

Phone Michelle 0400 341 282 for festival enquiries. 

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through Festivals Australia Program


by the Bega Valley Shire Council Community Grants Program