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Youth Art Collaborative Project


with Terri Tuckwell



suitable for young people in grades 5-8

Untitled design.jpg

An amazing opportunity for creative young people to learn about the process of creating a large scale mural artwork. Participants will work together in collaboration to paint a mural inspired by Panboola's flora and fauna. 


This experience will be led by Terri Tuckwell. Terri is an experienced muralist and set-painter. She has also been a staff illustrator for Disney (Aladdin), and is an accomplished practicing artist (Teltale Art), and long-time art educator. Terri will guide the group through the stages of creating a large scale mural art, and grow their appreciation of colour and form. 


Participants will receive photographic documentation of their work shortly after the festival.

Drawing Panboola in Ink and Wash Art Workshop


with Veronica O'Leary



suitable for people 15yr+


A very special workshop that will see participants engage with the Panboola landscape under the guidance of respected teacher and artist Veronica O'Leary. Veronica will inspire participants to explore, invent and experiment using techniques useful for pen and ink interpretations of a landscape. Participants will leave with a series of expressive studies of the Panboola landscape, that will reflect their observations of the wetlands. 


Veronica has been working as a visual artist and arts educator for 35 years. In 2020 she was awarded the People's choice award and the Hangers Choice in the Glover Prize for landscape painting. Her practice focuses on landscape painting and big bold paintings of Australian native flowers. Veronica often works on a large scale with paper and marking making with inks and paint. The coastal bush and stretches of beach and rocky headlands surrounding Veronica's studio in Tathra influences and informs her art practice.

Phone Michelle 0400 341 282 for festival enquiries. 

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through Festivals Australia Program


by the Bega Valley Shire Council Community Grants Program

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