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Panboola is a 82 hectare area of floodplain managed by the Pambula Wetlands and Heritage Project Inc.

Panboola is maintained by a team of dedicated volunteers who meet every Thursday to undertake work around the area.  

It is situated adjacent to the township of Pambula on the Far South Coast of NSW, Australia.

The long history of the Pambula Floodplain is well documented in records held by the Merimbula-Imlay Historical Society. Since 1997 changes in ownership and usage of this land has lead to the creation of Panboola.

Panboola is being rehabilitated with community assistance as a wetland for the purposes of nature conservation, protection and restoration of habitat for birds and other indigenous flora and fauna, and for community education and passive enjoyment.

Fresh water billabongs lead to saline areas within and around the former racecourse, then through saltmarsh and mangroves to the tidal Pambula River beyond. Ben Boyd National Park and SEPP 14 wetlands adjoin the south western boundaries.

A system of walking tracks is being developed leading visitors to destinations such as saltmarsh, historic points, information panels and bird watching areas.

An area of farmland is managed in an environmentally sensitive way to provide for recurring costs.

A Panboola Trust supervises the use and development of Panboola to ensure the land is maintained for the purposes for which it was purchased.

A Plan of Management has been prepared addressing both areas, to be managed within the Panboola Trust guidelines. As one large conservation, restoration, educational and passive recreational and tourism project, it embraces the history and diversity of the wetlands within the floodplain.




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