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Ephemeral Festival 2018


Yarn Bombing Workshops

Panboola will host two yarn bombing workshops during Seniors Week Festival.

Sunday 16th February




Thursday 20th February


Maximum 15 participants

per workshop


Michelle 0400 341 282

Suitable or all ages and abilities, workshop tutors will guide participants through the process of creating a 'yarn bombing' installation. 

Individuals will learn how to use knitting, crochet and other textiles skills to decorate established trees and infrastructure at Panboola.


Participants will then be invited to select their own tree or other structure to decorate within the wetlands landscape. In the month following the workshop participants will be able to use the techniques learnt at the workshops to develop their creation.


In early April creations will be installed, contributing a fun and colourful aspect to the annual Panboola arts festival scheduled for Easter 2020

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